To encourage and empower males to expand their perspective of what "being a man" is all about through research, education and public discourse.


Males are not toxic. Boys are not a problem. Masculinity is not inherently dangerous or harmful. Nothing is wrong with being a man who likes stereotypical masculine things.


Forms of masculinity are toxic. Boys are at a heightened risk for many problematic outcomes (academically, behaviourally, socially, emotionally). It is harmful if the masculinity you embody is rigid and seeks to control others, restricts one's emotions, and ignores the need for community. 

This is the space in which Remasculate seeks to inhabit. A place where masculinity is found in its fullness as well as femininity, without one needing to suppress or be in competition with the other.


What Does Remasculate Mean?


Remasculate is a play on the word emasculate, which means to "deprive a man of his male identity" or "make something weaker." Without exception, emasculated is used to describe what is perceived as a negative or undesirable course of action to happen to a man. Unfortunately males becoming more connected to their emotions is often seen as being an emasculating journey. However, in my experience and through my research, when males do expand their restricted conceptions of masculinity to include and embrace such things as emotional vulnerability and expression, the result is anything but weak...they are REMASCULATED.


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